The Importance of Recognizing How Far We’ve Come


It’s a new year, and many of us are filled with that motivational pull to make big changes. But change can be a scary thing. Even if we are unhappy or unsure of something in our lives, we may still feel … Read the rest

How to be Mindful this Christmas Weekend


Anyone who has suffered a trauma in their life, has more than likely experienced a flashback or moments of re-traumatization. The feeling of re-traumatization is essentially a relapse that jolts your body back into a state of trauma, triggered by … Read the rest

How to Reduce PTSD and Trauma Stress at the Holidays


After trauma, other people (and ourselves) may sometimes have unrealistic expectations of how long that trauma will continue to resurface. With additional social invitations and an influx of people around, the holidays can be particularly difficult for those of us … Read the rest

The importance of spirituality in healing



When it comes to our healing journey, there’s one aspect that oftentimes gets overlooked—spirituality. Spirituality often gets mistaken for religion, but spirituality is broader than religion, it’s a simple belief system that helps us connect to ourselves, others and … Read the rest

The Impact of Abuse on a Child’s Brain



This coming Saturday, is World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse, a global awareness initiative to bring attention to child abuse and how to prevent it.

Child abuse is sadly still a very prevalent problem, and the effects … Read the rest

Veterans and PTSD: Coping and Self-Care


Tomorrow is Remembrance Day (Canada) and Veterans Day (US), and PTSD is a word that we commonly associate with war veterans, since so many of them are dealing with the condition.

Before we can start to learn how to cope with … Read the rest

Tackling the ‘Stress’ in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder



Today is Stress Awareness Day, a time for reflecting and learning about a seemingly everyday thing that can be very damaging to the body. People who suffer a trauma, can be at an increased risk of stress-related issues, if … Read the rest

Upcoming Events: Where to Catch Kim and Theo Next


If you are eagerly awaiting your next opportunity to hear Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury speak, here’s a list of upcoming events where you can catch them solo or together:

Kim Barthel: 

  • Rankin Inlet, Nunavut: Pivaalliqtitsiniq Program. November 1
Read the rest

A primer on trauma and children for foster parents



This week is Foster Family Week, and it’s time to recognize the amazing and difficult job that foster parents have. Children can go through a number of traumatic situations and experience a variety of experiences before they enter … Read the rest