Empathy vs. Sympathy


When someone is going through suffering, or trauma of any kind, we have a reaction to what they are going through. Our reaction externally, can have a big effect on how that person responds to us or how this will … Read the rest

Compassion Fatigue: Taking Care of Yourself, Too



The amazing people who dedicate their work to helping others: medical professionals, therapists, first-responders, etc. are exposed to trauma on a daily basis. But what happens when the constant exposure to the trauma of others, starts to take a … Read the rest

What does it really mean to have compassion?



Compassion—it’s a word we hear a lot of, and many of us think we have a real hold of what it means to be compassionate. But at ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’ events or when Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury speak … Read the rest

Breaking the Cycle of Trauma: Healing for Offenders



Trauma affects everyone, and healing from trauma doesn’t end with those who have been survivors of trauma. In fact, it doesn’t even need to begin there. It’s time to open our minds, our hearts and the conversation about trauma healing.… Read the rest

Theo Fleury’s Honourary Doctorate Speech at Brandon University


Speech at Brandon University — May 29th, 2015

Graduates, Professors, to everyone here today who helped these inspiring young people to get to this stage – Congratulations!

You know, Brandon University is the closest university to my hometown of Russell, Manitoba, just up … Read the rest

Why having compassion matters


Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. — Dalai Lama

When we encounter something joyful in our lives, it’s easy for us to instantly react with love and compassion. But pain doesn’t instinctively translate into compassion … Read the rest