When the world seems a painful place, look inside



A lot of hurt has happened around the world lately: multiple terrorist attacks, media attention on trauma and abuse, it can weigh heavily on a person’s mind.

The reality is, whether we’ve experienced some form of trauma in our … Read the rest

How the media can better support trauma survivors


The media has many important roles, and timely and sensitive coverage of stories can be very helpful, particularly when it comes to emergency situations. There are many benefits to media coverage: positive changes in public perception and policy; awareness on important … Read the rest

“Healing Thrives in Conversation”


As the book’s title alludes to, ‘Conversations With A Rattlesnake’ in essence is a conversation, a conversation that strives to generate other conversations around the world. Conversations about trauma. Conversations about trust. Conversations about healing.

“Talking. Safe, open and vulnerable

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