CWAR Chat Highlights: Learning to Cope with PTSD



In case you missed it, yesterday we hosted an amazing discussion and Twitter chat, where Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury joined people across the globe in a conversation about learning to cope with PTSD.

If you happened to miss out this time, here’s some of the highlights from Kim and Theo:


Who do you turn to for support for your PTSD?

Kim: Whoever is closest to me that I trust to regulate my state of dysregulation.

What have you found to be effective in coping with PTSD?


  • Physical activity moves the neurochemistry of adrenaline which is so prominent in PTSD.
  • I have a client who has really benefited from Neurofeedback combined with counselling.


  • Staying patient in my process has helped me. It takes time to get the tools you need to help you with PTSD.
  • Talking about it gets rid of the stigma attached to PTSD; not feeling alone and helping is healing!
  • I did EMDR which was an amazing tool for me. It requires a very skilled therapist though.
  • I play golf! It helps me stay present and focused.

What tactics do you recommend for coping with PTSD?


  • When in panic, looking around the room at common objects to remind yourself of the here and now.
  • When you are in active panic and overwhelm, remind yourself it will end. Mindfulness helps ease intensity.
  • EMDR is a wonderful method that helps to reorganize brain pathways that show up in the unconscious.
  • Holosync Meditation is brainwave activated sounds that can bring your nervous system into a calmer state (when EMDR is not financially available).


  • What we are doing right now: peer-to-peer talking it out. Physical activity. Surrounding yourself with people who get it.

How can people support others in their life living with PTSD? 


  • Research, find information, believe and try not to be judgmental. Don’t tell the person to suck it up!
  • As is said in the movie “Thanks for Sharing”, keep your own side of the street clean. Work on yourself.
  • The less you are triggered by another’s stuff, the more truly capable you are of being supportive.

What’s your best advice for people living with PTSD? 


  • Be patient with yourself. Remind yourself you are doing the best you can with what you have. Help others!
  • You have to participate in your own healing to make it change. It begins with vulnerability.


  • That there has to be a willingness on your part to do something every day to make yourself better. Be a part of your healing.

In our Twitter chat, we mentioned a few resources:

  • Some of our favourite tips and tools for coping with PTSD and its symptoms.
  • This video by Brene Brown perfectly illustrates and explains empathy.

On October 4th, Kim and Theo will be in Red Deer, Alberta for a PTSD event: “Helping is Healing”. More information and ticket pricing can be found online here.

If you’re looking for more on this topic, read our blog posts as we cover this often. You can also connect with us on Twitter, and view the full chat script by searching #CWARchat on Twitter.

– Written by Amber Craig

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