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In addition to writing ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’ together, Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury also host conferences and events together. Through down-to-Earth conversation, the therapeutic process unfolds — blending Theo’s personal life experience of recovery, and Kim’s theory and understanding of trauma and the healing process.

Kim and Theo’s unique approach to motivational and inspirational speaking, has afforded them the opportunity to speak at prisons, schools, non-profit organizations, trauma centres and much more.

We recently received an amazing letter from one of the attendees to a CWAR event, and felt we had to share what kind of milestones can be made in these settings.

My wife and I went to a CWAR event in Welland, Ontario last November, primarily to see Theo Fleury speak, but also to get some Flames hockey items autographed also. I was expecting to see and hear the usual fare when one hears about such meetings, like “Hi. My name is so and so, and I am an…..” These meetings are fine, and I’m not here to make light of them, because they do a vital job for those that attend them. But, this meeting on that snowy November night turned out to be so much more than that.

When Theo and Kim Barthel walked onto the stage, Theo immediately told of his personal demons, the life long plight that he had been through; the drugs, the alcoholism, the turbulent life he was leading, and how it almost drove him to take his own life. Then he proceeded to tell of how he met Kim, and how he wanted her help in dealing with his evils that were driving him to self-destruction. He then described how they turned those conversations into their [book, ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’], and how they both were using it to change the course of thousands of lives that were being destroyed in the same way that Theo’s was.

Then, Kim invited everyone to come closer to the stage, like everyone was at a group therapy session, to give everyone the personal attention she felt that they needed. After that, the gloves came off. People were spilling their guts about everything. Telling about how drugs and alcohol were compelling them to destroy their lives, their families lives, to not care about the damage they were causing to everything and everyone around them. Questions about the warning signs to tell about oncoming trauma, people shouting their support and understanding about what others were going through, all being put on display for everyone to experience.

Then a local young man told of his traumatic life under the influence of drugs and alcohol, choking on tears, trying to hold them back until he could tell of his troubled life. He finally got it all out in the open, and he really picked up when Kim understood what his problems were, and where they stemmed from, and then Theo in all his frankness told everyone where he was in life when his demons came out to nearly destroy him. They were both speaking to the audience as friends, not at them. The connection was profound.

Later, Theo and Kim began to autograph copies of ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’, and talked to everyone. Theo even hugged the troubled young man and offered his support to him through all the emotion and tears. It was really moving.

I finally had my turn to get my stuff autographed, and had a picture taken with Theo, and my wife took a picture with Kim. They were very nice through all of the night’s happenings, very understanding and offered friendly support to all of those traumatized by whatever life events occurred to cause the attendees to go astray.

If Theo and Kim are anywhere near your area, do yourself a great favour and see them. Talk to them. It will be the start of a healing journey. Thank you to Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury.

— Russell Dailey

We want to sincerely thank Russell for sharing his story. You too can break free of your trauma through an amazing healing conversation. Find out how you can book a ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’ event, and be sure to check out our upcoming event listings on Facebook.

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