How to use ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’ as a professional tool


Since the release of ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’, we’ve been blessed to receive many testimonials from mental health professionals, social workers, teachers and many others, who have found a way to incorporate the book into their work. In addition to these great stories, Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury have seen this first-hand on their many ventures around the world, speaking with professional groups of various capacities on the concepts in ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’.

Because the book in its entirety covers such a vast expanse of topics: attachment theory, addiction, relationships, mental health, trauma, post-traumatic growth, etc., there are many ways to use it as a professional resource as well. We are always delighted to hear about new ways people are utilizing the book in a professional capacity, because it inspires ideas and new conversations.

Reading ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’ awakened me to re-follow my own personal educational philosophy that human relationships are the best basis of self-improvement. My teaching has again been grounded in the individual because of ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’. This generation of kids, more than ever, need authentic discussions and honest relationships to help guide them through a society where their realities are often hidden or ignored. The “a-ha” moments we share as a class or in one-on-one discussions are moments of real, and today’s students crave real. ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’ has become my teaching guide. — Dion Petz, Teacher

I work as a nurse with an addiction program in a small town in Nova Scotia. Read [this] book in the spring and often lend it to clients. It always gets returned, sometimes with notes written on the cover from clients, families and friends. It gives hope and opens some doors that were locked up. — Marion Banks, Nurse

Here’s a few ideas for how you can use ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’ as a professional tool:.

  • Facilitate a CWAR book club with co-workers, read through one chapter at a time and discuss as a group the topics in each.
  • Make CWAR required reading for a book study or lesson in a classroom, office, etc.
  • Host your own CWAR event with Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury

Interested in booking a CWAR event? Witness and participate in an intimate conversation about compassionate healing with Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury. Through this unique approach via down-to-Earth conversation, the therapeutic process unfolds-blending Theo’s personal life experience of recovery and Kim’s theory and understanding of trauma and the healing process. We will give you helpful instruction on how to choose the proper venue, and you’ll also receive our conference package which will give you everything you need to host and promote a successful CWAR event. More information on booking a CWAR event is here.

To inquire about ‘Converations with a Rattlesnake’, please contact us.


*The above photo is of Kim in Hong Kong, teaching the neurobiology and importance of relationship to therapists (occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and parents of special-needs kids). The concepts in ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’ applied directly to what they were doing. 



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