Theo and Kim Speak to Youth Officers in Ontario


Last week, Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury were in Niagara Falls, speaking to youth officers, police, parole/probation officers and teachers at the COYO Conference (Committee of Youth Officers Ontario).

The day was full of inspiring conversations and connections, and instead of us telling you about it, we’re going to let the people who were there tell you about it.

Here’s some of the tweets about #COYO2017 and Kim and Theo’s talk:

  • Theo Fleury great advice re: helping youth. “Just show up”. Be present, compassionate. “Walk the walk before you talk the talk” []
  • “Empathy and compassion are key to having successful, respectful relationships.” []
  • “You don’t need to forget; you need to forgive.” []
  • “When you are vulnerable, it creates opportunity for healing conversations.” —   []
  • Breaking free through conversation. Life changing. []
  • Honest, powerful and impactful message from Theo and Kim this morning! Thank you for sharing your passion and inspiring us all! []

“Survivors of trauma have children and grandchildren with brains that look the same as if they were the victims of trauma themselves,” Barthel said.

For Fleury, the impact of her message was profound.

“I didn’t want to feel anything. I didn’t want to feel joy or sadness. I just wanted to be numb,” he recalled.

Today, Fleury shares his personal story of survival to inspire other victims of childhood traumas to heal and reclaim their lives.

“I started to get well, to get better, and I started to understand all the layers of trauma I had experienced in my life. If I can get better, anyone can. I was the sickest of the sick. I’m still (expletive) crazy, but it’s manageable.” [excerpt from Niagara Falls Review]

Kim and Theo are always grateful for the opportunity to share a stage together and speak to others. If you want to host your own ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’ event, or bring Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury to your conference, event or city, click here to learn more.

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