Why you need to hear Kim and Theo speak


Co-authoring the best-selling book, ‘Conversations with a Rattlesnake’ was just the first step for Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury. Since the release of their book, they have co-facilitated hundreds of talks and workshops on trauma, healing and many different topics peppered between.

The duo’s unique approach has taken them to prisons, schools, First Nations communities, corporations and in front of first-responders, mental health professionals, prisoners and every walk of life. The conversations sparked in their book, truly come to life when the two of them are on stage. What Kim and Theo do together, can only be described as an amazing healing conversation, that audiences in front of them get to participate in.

Through this unique approach via down-to-Earth conversation, the therapeutic process unfolds-blending Theo’s personal life experience of recovery and Kim’s theory and understanding of trauma and the healing process.

But instead of us telling you why you need to hear Kim and Theo speak, just read what participants have had to say about seeing the two speak:

I attended CWAR in Ottawa with my daughter. The day was filled with one conversation leading to another. It was genuine and it was a “safe place”. At times it felt like we were sitting in a living room and not an auditorium. Some people told their stories and others listened and nodded. Everyone was at a different stage on their journey, but the others supported them along the way. Kim explained the science of behaviours and emotions and Theo led by example with honest stories of his own struggles to arrive where he is and stay on track. An atmosphere of trust and validation and letting go and accepting and loving oneself.

– Catherine McGregor

I would say that Theo and Kim’s CWAR events are a positive experience for those in need of mental and psychological healing, and are not to be missed for those in such need. If Theo and Kim are anywhere near your area, do yourself a great favour and see them. Talk to them. It will be the start of a healing journey. Thank you to Kim Barthel and Theo Fleury for allowing me to relay my experience that night.

– Russell Dailey

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To see a video clips from one of Kim and Theo’s events click here. For more information or to receive an event package, please contact Dawn: dawn@theofleury14.com.¬†

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